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Top Tips To Help Nervous Patients, Overcome Fear Of Dentists

Many people suffer fears and anxiety about going to the dentist. Whilst this fear of the dentist is very common, it’s not exactly a rational fear. Going to the dentist is safe and many people never have a bad experience when they are at the dentist. In fact, in the UK all dental clinics must ascribe to the relevant dental authorities regarding dental health and safety.

Our dental clinic offers the very highest standards in dental health and safety so you can rest assured you will be safe when undergoing any dental treatment from any of our professionally trained staff. Our staff are all experienced and have vast knowledge and experience in many of the latest, cutting edge treatments in modern dentistry. 

It’s important to first understand where these fears of the dentist even come from if it’s such a safe and highly regulated industry.

Most of the time the fear people have of the dentist comes from stories they have heard from other people, rather than being something that is based on a personal experience. 

If someone has a bad experience then they’ll tell their friends and family, and then they’ll tell people. What happens is that the circle keeps going round and round. People will hear these horror stories and think that they will have a bad experience when they go to the dentist.

However, it’s similar to the fear of flying. Many people have a fear of flying but you are more likely to suffer a serious injury in a car than on a plane. 

So you really have no reason to be feeling nervous about visiting the dentist. However, some people will still experience this tinge of fear so we want to give you a few easy tips that will give you some much needed peace of mind.

  • 1.Tell the dentist how you feel – Our dentists are strict professionals. Tell us about your fear and we can help you deal with this as we perform our treatment. Once you see how friendly and compassionate we are, your mind will be put at ease immediately
  • 2.We use the most advanced treatments and technology in dentistry – Rest assured that we use the highest quality treatments in dentistry. We use equipment and methods that are derived from the most recent advances in modern dentistry.
  • 3.We can offer you anti-anxiety medication to help you relax – If you are feeling very nervous and anxious about your visit to the dentist then we are happy to offer you some anti-anxiety medication. In most cases we find this is unnecessary but it’s an option in case you need it.
  • 4.Breathe deeply and relax before going to the dentist – Don’t spend your morning thinking negative thoughts about your visit to the dentist. Try to relax and focus your thoughts because if you think negatively about your upcoming visit then it’s only going to make you more nervous and anxious. 
  • 5.We explain step-by-step the entire procedure – You will always know what procedures are being performed. We will always communicate with you about your procedure so you know exactly what will be happening and why we are doing it. This will help to put your mind at ease.
  • 6.Make regular visits to the dentist a priority – Besides the obvious dental health benefits of regularly visiting your dentist, you’ll also reduce any fear or anxiety you have about dentists. The more you are exposed to something, the more comfortable you become and this ends up being a bonus of regular visits to the dentist.

We hope that you find these tips we have provided useful to relieving any fear and anxiety you may have about visiting a dentist. A visit to the dentist really isn’t that bad at all and you’ll find that all of our staff will be happy to help ease you through any fears or anxiety you may have. 

Feeling nervous and anxious about visiting the dentist is a completely normal experience but it isn’t something that cause you to sacrifice your dental health.

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