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Veneers and Bonding: What they can do for your Smile and your Well-being

Veneers and bonding can improve a person’s smile to no end. Stemming from the fact that it gives the person who has adjusted their smile such a boost in confidence they can’t help but walk around with a smile on their face.

What is a Veneer and what is Bonding?

Veneers can be very versatile:

  • Close any space between teeth
  • Improve any discolouring that has occurred over time
  • Straighten your teeth
  • Can increase tooth length that have been made smaller through grinding

Bonding is similar to a veneer, however they are a much more simple procedure and can be done quickly and efficiently. They work to improve the colour of your teeth as well as make it appear as though there is not a gap between your teeth.

What this can do for you Smile and your Happiness

Being uncomfortable with your smile can have a severe affect on your confidence and can become a real hindrance to you. People can sometimes feel that they cannot smile for fear someone will point out the bad teeth or will at least notice. In some serious cases this can contribute to depression in people, therefore veneer and bonding treatment are vital. 

A happy and confident smile resonates with others and you can be remembered purely because of your smile, therefore its important to look after them, and veneer and bonding treatment can help you teeth get into tiptop shape.

Closing spaces between teeth can create the look of a much fuller smile, without any dark spaces appearing in any photos. A fuller smile of those pearly whites will look much more attractive and will boost your confidence tenfold. 

Decreasing any staining on teeth will give you that classic ‘Hollywood’ smile, and is really the key component to any good smile, and using a veneer could greatly improve your teeth colouring. 

Crooked teeth can be a thing of the past as well thanks to veneers and bonding, full, straight, white teeth working in conjunction together create a beautiful smile that won’t easily be forgotten and when you start getting compliments on your teeth then you’ll begin to feel great in yourself.

Also, it may seem like a tad odd but if you have even lengths of all teeth it will create the image of a more symmetrical smile, which is inherently more appealing to look at. If you combine all of these features of a smile, you will create the perfect one, one that will make your confidence soar and you’ll never stop smiling,

Something to remember is that although having a great smile can look appealing and boost confidence you should never be ashamed of your smile, but if it does affect you a lot and stops you from smiling, then perhaps veneers and bonding is something you should look into.

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