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Why haven’t we found a way to Restore Enamel?

Enamel is the white layer on top of our teeth that’s one of the hardest substances in the human body. It has the highest mineral composition of anything in the body, with 96%, some of it made up of water and the rest made of other natural substances. This is what gives our teeth that fantastic shine, and makes for a perfect smile.

So, why have we not found a way to get it Restored?

Well firstly, we don’t really know why we can’t restore enamel and therefore it makes it much more difficult to actually restore it, just as if you were to ask a pre-car engineer about driving. Enamel does not grow back when it is lost, hence the want for restoring it. Therefore when you do suffer substantial enamel loss then a dentist will often opt for bonding or covering the tooth with a crown to give the appearance of enamel. However you will never have actual enamel again as teeth do not repair themselves like our bodies do. For instance, you can crack a tooth and that will remain the same, unless you actively go to fix it. Whereas, if you were to break a bone or get a cut, the body will repair itself so that it works and looks as good as it ever did. Teeth down repair themselves because there are no cells in teeth to heal them. So this is why humans cannot restore enamel naturally.

What can you do if you’re lacking Enamel?

So if you are having trouble with your teeth enamel, and it is wearing away leaving a softer and more discoloured tooth then really your only option is to go the dentist and get them to fit a crown which for all intents and purposes will do the job. Keep working on your teeth, stick to the standard guidelines for teeth care. You shouldn’t have too much sugar or things wear down the enamel and not too many drinks like coffee, which stains them. Brushing and using mouthwash regularly is also important as a crown fitting can be extremely painful and tiring. There is also potential for the crown to crack or wear down itself, so it would be much better to simply look after the enamel while you still have it.

Lack of enamel is something that affects a large portion of society, over half the adult population in the UK have holes in their teeth and may well need to have some work done to them. A whole in your tooth can become extremely painful and affect you in day-to-day life; simply eating can become a huge chore. So it is important that you regularly visit your dentist, at least once a year to make sure that your teeth are still healthy.

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